Love Letter To Yahweh

If I were to write a love letter to you I don’t think my fingers could properly articulate the depths of my love. There were so many moments where I repeatedly fell in love with you that I can’t recall the first time I realized all I wanted was you. Everything that I am and have become is because of your love. I handed you broken pieces of me and you sculpted a masterpiece. I was so blind before I allowed you in my life, but I’ve gained my sight since I laid eyes on you. I never thought I would meet someone like you after all these years of searching. Looking for people to fulfill me in ways that only you can. Believing that physical touch from a person could equate to your holy spirit that touches the inside of my soul. You see things in me that I have yet to discover. You spoke greatness into me before I was born. Your seeds were planted in me when I thought I was barren. Every time I spoke death your Word spoke LIFE. How could someone so great open his arms to someone like me, I thought. Then you told me to get close to you. I could never repay your love but every day I wake up I CHOOSE YOU. When my relationships started to come inbetween us I CHOSE YOU. When idols tried to rise up in my life I CHOSE YOU. When my old sinful nature wanted to take over I CHOSE YOU. When my own understanding and reasoning tried to overshadow you I CHOSE YOU. My flesh will die a million times over so that I can have a life with you. If I could do anything over I would have CHOSE YOU sooner. You are single-handedly the best choice I could have ever made. I’m in love with you infinitely, Yahweh.


Your Daughter

6 thoughts on “Love Letter To Yahweh

  1. ” If I could do anything over I would have CHOSE YOU sooner.” wow sis.
    What a beautiful heartfelt love letter.
    Knowing Christ is indeed the best thing that has ever happened to me.
    Blessings sis. ❤

    1. Me as well sis. I know many of us reflect on our lives without Christ and think, “What was I doing?” Smh. So lost just wondering around without direction. Thank God for being who He is. Thank God for being so mindful of us.

  2. A beautiful prayer, you remind me to invest more deeply in God again. I like the line where you talk about blindness. Truly, we can’t see well until we fix our eyes on Him.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. You’re right. We definitely can’t see until we fix our eyes on Him. Rather, we can’t see clearly. Our vision is so blurred in the absence of Jesus. I see that you’re a blogger as well. I’ll make sure to check out your content. Blessings.

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