Mindful Morning

Good Morning my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray you’ve spent the week living intentionally and with purpose. I don’t normally write a blog this early in the morning but I’m so full with God’s Holy Spirit that I had to write about it. The past few days I’ve continued to hear and see the same message. All having to do with living out your purpose. I am someone who still works a 9-5 but is transitioning into becoming a full-time entrepreneur. I know that this year is my year of preparation for that transition. I attended a Masterclass Tuesday evening. “How To Write & Self-Publish A Book.” For those who don’t know I am currently working on my first book. It’s a starter guide on how to build a relationship with God. I’m completely honored for the vision that Christ has given me for the project and can’t wait till it comes out.

So what does this have to do with you? I’m glad you asked. God created every single one of us with a purpose. There is a special work in you that is instrumental to the Kingdom of God. It is our business to find out what that work is then complete it. There is someone waiting for you to write that book, start that business, become that Doctor, obtain that License. Whatever the call is on your life know that it is bigger than you. Don’t hold up someone’s deliverance because you refuse to be who you were created to be. I want us all to win. So go be great! After all, you were created to dwell in greatness.

Today, I challenge you to do more for your purpose. If you already know God’s purpose for your life then invest in it. Take a class, network with people in that field, supplement leisure time for more time in your calling. Find a balance but definitely increase your efforts if need be. I love you with the love of the Lord. I can’t wait to see the things you’ll accomplish for the Kingdom of God.

This morning bible study. Make sure you follow the site’s Instagram page.

4 thoughts on “Mindful Morning

  1. Gm…Lately I been trying to get closer to god, reading more bible scriptures,listen to prayers and praying more myself. Reading your post inspire me…keep up the good work❤️

    1. Amen sis. I’m so blessed to know that my blog inspires you. Glory to God. You’re making the right steps. Reading the word and praying. You and many other people are the reason I’m writing a book about how to start your relationship with Christ. Be encouraged and keep seeking God.

  2. T. Nolan, this post blessed my spirit this morning in saying, “God created every single one of us with a purpose. There is a special work in you that is instrumental to the Kingdom of God.” This was really a great confirmation for me that speaking and sharing God’s truth is very much a part of my purpose – writing & words and putting those together in a simple way that inspires others is why I write for Him, about Him, to celebrate Him. And every time I accomplish a post, or FB note, or even a book, I feel that I am living out God’s purpose for me. And because of that, it’s even more necessary to pass the tests that come my way.

    1. Amen Sis. That’s what’s all about. We have a work in us. A specific work that God has placed in us. We have no idea who we will bless by doing what we are called to do. Many blessings to you.

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